I help those who have lost a loved one find relief from the pain of grief while still honoring their connection with them.

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  • I know all too well the pain and fear of unprocessed grief  and how lonely and intimidating grief can be.
  • I come from an inter-generational legacy of motherless daughters, who have lost their mothers too soon.  No one should have to go through the grieving process alone.
  • After spending 25 years working with clients with grief, trauma and attachment wounds I realized there has to be a better way to help folks with the isolation and suffering associated with grief.
  • I help fellow grievers feel supported, validated, seen and heard.
  • I demystify grief and loss and break it into smaller pieces so it doesn't feel so big.
  • I help grievers stay connected to their loved one, not their pain.
  • I honor grief as the normal and natural experience that it is.
  • I support helping professionals grieve well so they can continue to guide their clients and patients while honoring their own grief journey.


Grief First Aid Kit

My Expertise:

Helping grievers connect with their loss and each other, to move from isolation and avoidance to connection and joy.

Who I Work With:

Grievers that are tired of the world wanting them to just move on and get over their grief, but are also tired of feeling empty and isolated.

Unique Opportunity for Helping Professions: Self of the Therapist Grief Training

Are you a helping professional trying to keep your head above water while grieving?

Are you struggling with helping others while knowing you need help too?

I see you, I understand you, I am you.

Come to a brave space that caters to grieving healers while obtaining 17.5 hours of CEUs.

You will go through the self-paced modules and we will meet live as a group on 3.31.23, 4.15.23, 5.19.23 and 6.2.23 from 9-11 am (CT) online via zoom.  We will go through the modules and explore the depths of your grief in a space with other professionals.  Cost is $350.

You give and give to so many, now it's time for you to RECEIVE.


"The depth and breadth of the modules. Weaving in research and poetry, head and heart. Such a RICH training. So well constructed. Obvious time and effort and care was put in to creating this course!! I LOVED it!! Again, such a rich experience. Felt like such a community, instantly!
I feel like it is one of the best trainings I’ve ever been a part of, no improvements needed!
I would just also add that Stacy is such a compassionate, brilliant, soothing guide. She provided such depth of knowledge and the right amount of humor and play. I felt so well provided for on this journey. Beautiful blend of research, interviews, personal anecdotes, poetry-just enriching all around!!!"-S.H.
"Stacy you are an absolute gem. Everything you said was so powerful. I literally copy pasted things you wrote or tried to write down as quickly as you said it. You are a gift to this world and this training is incredible. "- L.A.
"The opportunity to share my grief with others.   I love the idea of grief being love.  Learning this didn’t make it less painful, but it did make it feel less scary.
It was a transformative experience.  It was a beautiful balance between emotional support and learning.  Stacy is a heartfelt guide with a breadth of knowledge about grief." -T.L.


Email [email protected] to get the link to sign up.



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I’ve made a free 15 minute training where I am teaching grievers exactly what they can do to begin to get relief from their pain, connect with fellow grievers and begin to create joy and meaning again.


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